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What are the 7 stages of dementia?

Every dementia experience varies from person to person. However, understanding how the condition progresses can…

Written by Zenya Smith

What are sitting services for the elderly?

If you’re looking for a little additional care for yourself or a loved one, you…

Written by Zenya Smith

How to make a will – why’s it important, and how much does it cost?

Writing a will is an integral part of estate planning, and it’s advisable not to…

Written by Christophe Locatelli

Ischemic heart disease

Adults over the age of 65 have a higher risk of experiencing Ischemic heart disease.…

Written by Christophe Locatelli
Find out how to pay an Elder-approved home carer

Paying for care in Scotland

Paying for care is a complex subject. Different parts of the UK charge different fees,…

Written by Zenya Smith

Home help for the elderly

It’s natural to need a little help with things as we age. However, if you…

Written by Zenya Smith
Become a carer with Elder

How much do carers cost?

As there are so many different types of home carers, it’s hard to provide a…

Written by Zenya Smith

How much does Respite care cost?

Respite care is any period of short-term care, usually arranged as cover when a person’s…

Written by Zenya Smith
accessing palliative care with elder

What is Palliative care and how much does it cost?

Palliative care, sometimes called ‘end-of-life’ care, is for people with life-limiting conditions. It’s about obeying…

Written by Zenya Smith
Activities to do inside

What is an Immediate needs annuity, and how does it work?

An immediate needs annuity is an insurance policy, where a lump sum is paid to…

Written by Christophe Locatelli
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