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Tips for communicating with the person you care for

In many instances, conversation comes naturally to us – especially when talking to someone you…

Written by Christophe Locatelli

Finding it difficult to talk about care? You’re not alone.

Elder found 74% of family members would find it difficult to bring up the topic…

Written by Christophe Locatelli

Acting on dementia – inspiring people working to improve the dementia experience

Dementia Action Week is Alzheimer’s Society’s awareness campaign, which runs yearly to encourage people to…

Written by Christophe Locatelli

What’s it like being a live-in carer?

One common question we get asked at Elder is – ‘What does an average day…

Written by Zenya Smith

How to help an older person avoid being scammed

Fraud can happen to anyone, but it’s often directed towards vulnerable individuals such as older…

Written by Christophe Locatelli

Holidays for disabled adults and their carers

Holidays or short breaks can be an excellent way to get a rest and have…

Written by Christophe Locatelli

How can Live-in Home Care help with Dementia with Lewy Bodies?

If your loved one has dementia with Lewy bodies, or as it’s sometimes known, Lewy…

Written by Zenya Smith

What is an advanced decision?

An Advanced Decision is different to an Advance Statement – for which it’s often confused.…

Written by Zenya Smith

Care and support for when someone dies

Talking about dying is really tough. It’s why each year, Hospice UK hold’s ‘Dying Matters Week’…

Written by Zenya Smith

Multiple Sclerosis Care: How do I Care for a Loved One with Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple Sclerosis Care: How do I care for a loved one with Multiple Sclerosis? The…

Written by Christophe Locatelli
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