Noticed a change?

Our free support pack has been designed to help you understand the right time to seek care, and have meaningful conversations about the future. 


of people say they would find it difficult to bring up care with an older loved one.


feel particularly uncomfortable at the thought of discussing funding and finances. 


tbc stat from new attest survey


tbc stat from new attest survey

Would you or a loved one wait until you’re critically ill to seek home care?

Unfortunately recent research suggests this is the case for most people, and at Elder we’ve seen this for ourselves too. A lot of families come to us once mum or dad’s needs have reached a crisis point. It’s often a hugely emotional time with lots of unanswered questions.  

We’re on a mission to change this by providing resources that can help prevent care from becoming a big scary unknown. We believe it’s never too soon to start speaking about care, and it’s why we’ve created our free ‘Noticed a change’ pack, brimming with expert advice and real life stories. 

Meet the experts

Alexis Cable

Head of Clinical 

Alexis is a registered social worker with experience in management in health and social care, including clinical social work practice with vulnerable adults and their families. 

Victoria Neale

Senior Clinical Lead Nurse

Victoria is a registered nurse with over 25 years of NHS experience across a number of different specialities, including emergency care, bed management, and outpatient care. 

Zoe Feldwick, MSc

BACP registered Integrative Therapeutic Counsellor

Zoe’s work combines many counselling theories and approaches. She works with people experiencing difficulties such as anxiety and depression, stress, trauma, and relationship issues. 

Why should I request a free ‘Noticed a change’ support pack?


Who are Elder?

Elder is an award-winning live-in care company that’s delivered over 10 million hours of care since 2016. Bringing together smart technology, clinical expertise, and personalised support, Elder connects carers to older people so that they can live their own lives, in their own homes, while getting the one-to-one care they need. 

What our customers in Brighton say

an older mother and daughter enjoying a hot drink on a picnic bench on an Autumn day.

"I really appreciated how Elder managed to find me a carer so quickly when my mother was discharged from the hospital."

"Perfect - everything was very good with the carer who came recently to look after Sheila, she looked after her very well and I am very pleased."

Mixed race mother and daughter walk and talk together outside

"I moved from another company to using Elder, and I wish I had done it two years before - I was amazed by the efficiency.

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