Meet the people at the heart of our TV campaign

In our new TV advert, we take a glimpse at daily life for Sally, her dad Albert and their carer Louise. Find out what brought them to Elder, and how live-in care has helped them get things back on track.

People turn to Elder for a variety of reasons, but they often share the same concern – “things are getting difficult, and I don’t know what the best thing to do is.” 

We explore this in our new TV campaign. Below we take a look at their stories* – the events that led them to live-in care, the hurdles they overcame along the way, and how important it was to ensure it was the right fit for everyone. 

Albert's story 

A hard working man but a true rebel at heart – Albert built a life he loved with his wife Jayne. Sadly with Jayne gone, he’s been finding things hard, but found admitting how he was feeling to his daughter Sally even harder.

Sally's story 

Sally lives a full life of her own, and was struggling to keep on top of things when she recognised Albert needed some extra help.

Louise's story 

Louise loves to make a difference, but wanted a job that gave her more time to get to know the people she cared for. 

*These stories are inspired by the real stories we hear everyday from Elder customers.