Louise's story 

Louise was a visiting carer for a number of years in and around the Surrey area. She chose a career in care after nursing her elderly Aunt during the end of her life. While she loves caring, over the years, Louise found she was having less and less time to spend with her clients and was continuously clock watching. Her daily schedule was becoming relentless, and she felt unable to listen to give them the time they deserved, to listen to their stories and help them do things at their own pace.  

As well as rushing between each client, she had a lot of paperwork to complete for each visit. The company she worked for still relied on paper records and these were time consuming, especially if another carer had recorded something incorrectly or misplaced a form. Louise was finding she was working through the night to keep on top of this,  so that admin didn’t take away from her already limited time with her clients. 

When one of Louise’s colleagues left to pursue a career as a live-in carer, Louise was intrigued and began searching for more information. She came across Elder and was interested in how moving away from visiting care into live-in would benefit her life/work balance. 

After researching some more on the Elder website, Louise completed her application and began the onboarding process. She was very impressed with the thoroughness of the onboarding process. Louise provided her DBS check, references and passed the numerous situational tests required. 

Louise also arranged a call with Albert, as it was important to her to get to know who she’d be supporting.

Once approved Louise set about ensuring her profile was complete and set her work preferences. She was now ready to start applying. 

A local placement caught her eye. Caring for an older man in a village nearby. She read about Albert’s needs and felt that her skills would really suit the placement. She also loved the idea that she would be living with a dog. She had always wanted a dog, but due to her previous working arrangements had not had the time to commit. 

Without hesitation Louise applied to work with Albert. To her pleasure Louise was shortlisted and contacted by Albert’s daughter, Sally, via Elder chat. They agreed a time for a call, and talked about Albert’s needs, his likes and dislikes, as well as the home he had shared with his late wife, Jayne. Louise also arranged a call with Albert, as it was important to her to get to know who she’d be supporting. They discovered they shared a love of the countryside and keeping up with current affairs, and Louise was a fan of Albert’s quick wit. 

She arrived the following week and met Albert and Sally. Sally was very busy and had to rush off after the initial introductions and a quick tour of the home, but Louise was happy with her new placement.

In that initial week, Louise planned nutritious meals for Albert, learnt about his passion for his Triumph motorcycle and enjoyed hearing about his adventures. Albert was full of wonderful stories that Louise loved to hear, including his successful Army career. Albert was a very proud man and Louise ensured he had as much independence as possible. Albert’s confidence grew as they enjoyed walking Webster together in the village. Louise started to arrange social activities for Albert and Louise and Sally noticed a change in Albert’s outlook on life.

Louise continues to care for Albert, taking her breaks when needed to visit her daughter back in Leatherhead. But always returns to a happy and confident Albert, as they plan their next exciting activities. 

Sally's story

Sally lives a full life of her own, and was struggling to keep on top of things when she recognised Albert needed some extra help.

Albert's story

A hard working man but a true rebel at heart – Albert built a life he loved with his wife Jayne. Sadly with Jayne gone, he’s been finding things hard, but found admitting how he was feeling to his daughter Sally even harder.