How can Elder support someone with dementia? 

In this factsheet we look at how Elder’s live-in care service can help families affected by dementia. 

A dementia diagnosis can be one of the most significant moments in life – not just for the person with the condition, but for those close to them too.

As things progress many find it physically and emotionally hard to be there for their loved one all the time, but feel wracked with worry when they’re not. 

We’ve helped thousands of families arrange live-in dementia care. Below you’ve find an example of what dementia care through Elder can look like, based on the real-life stories we hear every day. 

Why choose live-in dementia care?

The problem

*Margaret is living with early-stage dementia and has very poor eyesight. She has always been very independent and enjoys living in her own home, surrounded by a lifetime of possessions and memories. Margaret’s been having a carer visit her five days a week, for a couple of hours at a time to help with things that have become difficult or unsafe, such as cooking, getting in and out the shower, and keeping track of upcoming appointments. However, her daughter Kate felt that her mum needed more consistent support, and had felt this for some time.

Margaret’s daughter, Kate , contacted Elder when her mum finally agreed that being home alone for long periods was no longer safe, and that she would benefit from another pair of hands to help her safely keep on top of things. They also spoke about how full-time support could help her get out into the town centre more, where she liked to shop and meet friends. Margaret would often avoid going out unless she had a companion to link arms with and guide her. 

Margaret voiced some worries she had about care too. She was apprehensive about having someone she didn’t know living with her, as she’d lived alone for many years. She liked to do things in her own way, and had had a couple of fallings out with a visiting carer who tried to change her morning routine, and had moved things around in the kitchen without telling her. Margaret told Kate she would want to choose the carer herself, and speak to them before they arrived. 


of us would want to stay in our own home if diagnosed with dementia.

How Elder can help

Kate informed Elder that Margaret was looking for a carer who was kind, caring and a good listener. It was also important that Margaret found her trustworthy, as she’d not only be relying on the carer to be her eyes, but help her with her memory as her dementia progressed, as she’d recently lost a lot of confidence after becoming confused when shopping with her daughter in the supermarket. Elder was able to match her with a suitable, female carer within a matter of days who both Margaret and Kate met via a video call.  


of Elder customers are currently receiving specialist dementia care at home.

The impact

Their carer June started just before Christmas, and Kate enjoyed getting to know her. Margaret soon liked having her around too – she reminded her of Kate in a lot of ways. They enjoyed heading into town for a natter over tea and cake each week. 

Margaret’s now able to safely enjoy her garden in the Spring months, and is currently planning her planting for summer with June, who’s also an avid gardener. Having cared for people across all stages of dementia June knows how to provide gentle reassurance and prompts when Margaret is confused, while ensuring she still gets to do things ‘her way’. For example, June always asks Margaret what she’d like to do each day, what she’d like to wear, and they work together as a team to cook dinner each evening. Kate now knows her mum is now safe at all times, and has someone to support her as well as provide her with the companionship and care she deserves. 


*Inspired by real-life dementia stories 

“It is important to work out what you are looking for and set out a list of must haves, nice to haves, and deal breakers when choosing a carer for someone living with dementia. 

Remember to involve the person who will receive the care as much as you can. They may be looking for different qualities and you may be surprised at how they would rank the skills and abilities they would value.

Try to take off the pressure by keeping in mind that nothing is totally set in stone. If you’re worried your loved one may not gel with a carer, Elder offers a trial week and unlimited carer matching, and will always work with you to find the best possible fit.”

Customer stories

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