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We work with the whole family to get the best outcome for everyone.

Arranging care for someone you love is never easy. It’s often stressful, confusing and complex. In a world that’s difficult to navigate, we’re here to help.

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How to arrange care with us
How to pay for care
How live-in care works

How to arrange care with us

1. Book free consultation

Talk through your family’s situation with one of our expert care team. They’re able to provide advice on navigating the system, discuss how to put funding in place and help you understand whether live-in care is suitable.

2. Bespoke care plan

Following your call our team will create a bespoke care plan. This goes through the level of care your loved one requires, and the type of person they are.

3. Matching process

Our matching team then work with your family to find the most suitable available carer. That means talking with everyone involved to get the clearest picture of the kind of carer they’d feel comfortable with.

What our carer says:

“You meet some truly incredible people as a carer. And although it’s tough at times, I earn a decent living and any difficulties are overcome by that feeling you’re genuinely making a difference to someone’s life. ”

Sheila - Carer with Elder

4. Receive profile & video

Once we’ve found a carer we think is suitable, we’ll send you their profile and introductory video. This gives you an opportunity to be completely certain the whole family is united behind the decision.

5. Carer arrives & trial week begins

We’ll arrange travel with the carer. They’ll arrive between 12pm-2pm on the first day of the care plan. Your family will then have a no-strings trial week to be completely sure live-in care works for you.

6. Track handovers in your account

Once you start care with us, your Elder account puts all the important things, such as carer profiles and handover dates, in one handy place. So you can keep track of your loved one’s care plan wherever you are.

Ready to get started?

To find out more about live-in care from Elder, or for help navigating the system, book your free care consultation with one of our expert care advisors below.

How to pay for care

Unlock the value of your home

We’ve teamed up with equity release specialists, Key Retirement, to offer a bespoke Live-in Care Plan. This enables your relative to extract the amount they need to pay for live-in care from their home, without having to move out. Find out more here.

Get help from your local authority

If your loved one has less than £23,250 in liquid assets (Scotland: £26,500, Wales - £30,000), you’re entitled to financial support from your local authority. To get control over this, you’ll need to request Direct Payments from your local authority. Find out more here.

Simple, weekly direct debits

We’ve made paying for care as simple as possible. There are no long contracts. You pay weekly in arrears, usually by direct debit. What’s more, you won’t pay more than your flat rate for bank holidays and we never levy any unfair fees when you join or leave.

How can you be sure Elder is right for your family?

  • One week to be completely sure it’s right for your family
  • No hidden fees, no extra charges on bank holidays
  • A fair price that’s up to 30% cheaper than a care home
  • Your family is never tied into any long contracts

How live-in care works

Daily responsibilities

A live-in carer’s responsibilities will range depending on the level of care that’s required. However, standard tasks include:

  • Household cleaning
  • Help getting dressed
  • Assistance with personal hygiene
  • Meal preparation
  • Dispensing medication
  • Support with mobility
  • Running errands

Real Story: What a live-in carer does

One of our customers, Mikis, talks through what his live-in carer does for hime. From cooking something different every day, to playing backgammon, he couldn’t live without her.

Taking time off

We do our best to ensure your loved one’s care is as consistent as possible. However, like all jobs, time off is needed. Here’s a typical pattern of care:

  • Week 1-4: After being matched on personality, your loved one’s primary carer starts. They live in, working 12 hours a day, with two hours of breaks taken intermittently throughout the day.
  • Week 5: The primary carer takes time off. A substitute, ‘respite’ carer moves in. They’ll take care of your loved one until the primary carer returns.
  • Week 6-10: The primary carer returns. They’ll typically be in place for another four weeks.

What to do next

To get started, book a time with one of our care advisors. They’ll work with you and your family to put a care plan in place in as little as 24 hours.

Request our free e-brochure

Discover every detail about our service in this comprehensive e-brochure. Covering everything from what live-in care is to how you can put funding in place, it provides you with all the information your family needs to make the best decision with complete confidence.