Five steps to put care in place

We understand arranging care for a loved one can be a confusing and sometimes stressful process. That’s why we’ve made it as simple as possible. You’re only a few steps away from arranging care with us, here’s what you need to do to get things sorted.

1. Complete your loved one’s care appraisal 

Fill out your care appraisal to give us a really clear view of who your loved one is, what type of person they get on with, and what level of support they need. Before you get started, it’s worth checking out our page that runs through all the information you’ll want to have handy. As a guide, it should take around 30-45 minutes to complete. 

The care appraisal loosely covers the following details about your loved one:

Who they are

What care they need

What the home is like

Ready to move your arrangements forward? Follow the link below to log into your MyElder account and complete your care appraisal.

2. Talk through your requirements in more detail

Once you’ve submitted your care appraisal, your Senior Care Advisor – your point of contact so far – will book a time for you to meet your Family Support Specialist. They’ll be your point of contact throughout your time with Elder.

This chat will be an opportunity to run through your care appraisal in more detail, clarify anything that’s not clear, and talk through anything you feel is particularly important for us to note. 

3. We’ll find your ideal carer 

Our matching team will then use the information you’ve provided to find the most suitable carer on our platform. Once they’ve found someone, your Family Support Specialist will email you with details about why the team have selected them.

Then, simply log into your account, take a look through their experience and watch their introductory video. If you’ve added other family members to your account, be sure to let them know so everyone has had the chance to input.

If you think they’re right, great. If not, we’ll continue searching. At this stage, we’re more than happy to set up a call between you and the carer so you can be completely confident they’re who you’re looking for. 

4. Get all the practicalities sorted

The final step is all about getting everything sorted for the first day of care. We’ll ask that you enter your payment information – whether by card or direct debit. Your Family Support Specialist will also arrange logistics, such as what time your carer will arrive and where you want to meet them.

What time the carer will arrive

How they’re going to get there

Which payment method you’re using

5. Your carer arrives

All of the information about your carer’s arrival can be found in your MyElder account. Usually, we ask them to arrive between 12-2pm. If you can, it’s best to be there in person. This can help make everyone feel more comfortable. You can find out more about what you can expect from your carer and what they can expect from you in the Elder Standards. 

Once your carer arrives, your first week is a trial. If you’re not completely happy, you can cancel instantly – or we’ll be able to set you up with a new carer.

To move things forwards, complete your care appraisal by logging into your account. Remember, we’re if you need us.