Martha's* story - care when you need it the most 

Martha first contacted Elder back in October 2023, looking to plan some respite care for her father so she could take a holiday with her husband in March 2024.  However, in December 2023, she contacted Elder’s family support team, distressed and upset.

Needing emergency care

Martha’s father had caught a cold and being 90 years old, this had really taken its toll on his health. Martha had also caught the cold and was struggling to provide the care her father needed. The GP had recommended that her father go to hospital, but he had refused. He said he didn’t want to die in hospital, and would rather stay at home despite the risks.

Respecting a loved one’s care wishes

In response to his wishes, Martha contacted Elder. Our clinical team spoke to her about the potential risks of having care in the home and reviewed her father’s signed DNR. Martha wanted to proceed with the proposed live-in care arrangement, which made sure both her father and the incoming carer were safe and that suitable care could be carried out. 


The situation had changed from panic to calm.”

Finding the perfect carer

Within an hour, Elder had screened and identified two potential carers appropriate for her father. Martha spoke to both of them directly and felt  they were both a perfect fit. The situation had changed from panic to calm. Martha chose the carer who shared the most interests with her father, and who also seemed like they would get on with the rest of the family well too. She told Elder she was really looking forward to meeting her in person on Saturday when she arrived for her first day. 

Martha thanked Elder for acting so quickly and making a tough time easy. She was glad to have found Elder to turn to in an emergency. 

*Name has been changed to protect this customer’s privacy

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