Penny's* story - from the hospital to home

Penny reached out to Elder when her mum was discharged from the hospital and needed support during her recovery. Penny's father lives with dementia and needs support around the home. Penny and her mother couldn’t provide this care, and the situation had become overwhelming.  

“I contacted Elder in desperation as my mum was coming home from hospital after a stroke and my father has dementia.

We looked at various applicants and chose a suitable carer. Within 48 hours the carer arrived to take care of them. 

She was so kind, thoughtful and very professional. She got to know my parents very well and quickly established their individual needs.

She allowed them space to be together and stayed vigilant throughout, anticipating where they would need help.

Our carer became another daughter to my parents. She helped assist my mother with managing my father, as she could give advice and had experience with dementia patients. This helped my mother’s recovery, as my father was unaware my mother was ill and (our carer) took the stress away from my mother while she recovered.


She could give advice and had experience with dementia patients. This helped my mother’s recovery.

I can’t stress how much our carer was invaluable not only to my parents but also to me, as the pressure of taking care of them both on my own was too overwhelming and affected my health too.

Our carer stayed for eight weeks and left at a time when my mother had regained her strength, and we all felt we could cope a bit better.

This also gave us time to put some future measures in place for my parents with local assistance.

In future, when they’re unable to manage, I will call for our carer again. To stay in their own home and be cared for so well is the best possible scenario for them to live a happy and comfortable life.

I cannot thank our carer and Elder enough for their support.”

*Name has been changed to protect this customer’s privacy

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