How to help your carer get the COVID-19 vaccine

As you’re no doubt aware, the COVID-19 vaccine is rolling out, phased in prioritised groups to ensure it helps protect people most at risk from the virus. As someone receiving care, your loved one is likely to have been in priority group one, and should therefore have been offered their first jab by now.

As a key worker providing care to vulnerable adults, your carer falls into priority group two, as identified by NHS Public Health England and is eligible to receive the vaccine alongside those who are most at risk. 

To make this happen, we need your help – there are a few things you need to do to make sure your carer is offered the vaccine. Please read through the following information carefully.

What we’re doing 

To enable all of our carers to get a vaccine as soon as possible, we’re providing each of them with the documentation they need to be able to arrange a vaccine through their local NHS trust by the end of February. This includes instructions on how to apply for a vaccine as a social care worker.

Although it’s not mandatory, we’re encouraging all of our carers to get the vaccination as soon as they can, to protect both themselves and our customers from the virus. 

What you need to do

To support us in arranging these vaccines, we’re asking you to work with your carer to enable them to attend their vaccination appointment in two important ways:

  1. Making alternative arrangements to ensure your loved one is being cared for while the carer is out of the home being vaccinated
  2. Allowing the carer to use your loved one’s address, so they can temporarily register with the local GP and therefore be able to receive the vaccine

Carers will be able to book appointments directly with their local NHS trust so they should be able to arrange a time that works for them and your family. 

Ongoing COVID-19 measures

As well as assisting our carers in requesting a vaccine, we’ll continue to enforce our current measures which ensure that we minimise the risk of our carers or customers being exposed to the virus – meeting all of the current Government guidance. These are: 

More limited handovers

We‘re working to limit the number of carer handovers by extending the length of placements, where possible. This reduces the chance of COVID-19 infections.

Care until vaccination

Carers are required to remain on a placement for a minimum of three weeks after their client has received their first vaccination, in line with Government guidance. 

Isolation between placements 

All carers are required to isolate for a minimum of ten days between placements – or before starting a new placement when they’re taking breaks. 

Personal protective equipment

We’re providing personal protective equipment to all customers and carers throughout the pandemic, advising carers to wear it at all times when on a placement.

Best practice on testing

We’re committed to supporting our carers to get tested whenever it’s needed, whenever they have symptoms, in line with the Government guidance. 

Updating everyone regularly

We’ll send our customers and carers regular updates to help them to understand the current Government guidance and what it means for them. 


Have any further questions?

Should you have any questions about what you need to do to support your carer getting their vaccine, please contact your Family Support Specialist by on 0333 150 2350 or at [email protected]

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