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Exploring Creativity in Dementia Care: An Interview with Author John Killick

Poet and author John Killick has written seven books on dementia, including Dementia Positive, Communication and the Care of People with Dementia and Playfulness and Dementia.


How Live-in Care Can Help You Sleep Better

Problems sleeping are common among those with dementia – and inevitably those around them too, whether family members or live-in carers. Help everyone feel better with these simple strategies for a good night’s sleep.


Close Harmony: The Power of Music in Dementia

Research has shown that music and singing are incredibly beneficial to those with dementia, offering a way for them to move beyond the disease and an important channel of communication when others are challenged.

The Elder Interview

The Elder Interview: Simon Thorp, Dementia Adventure

Remember the Great Outdoors? How one innovative charity is removing the barrier to adventures in nature for those living with dementia.

The Elder Interview

The Elder Interview: Professor David Roberts, Professor of Telepresence, University of Salford

With Virtual Reality moving into the mainstream, what is the potential for its use in the dementia space? We talk to leading researcher Professor David Roberts about the new realities of this technology.


Finding Meaning in Memory: The Power of Reminiscence Therapy

Accessing long-term memories through reminiscence can be a way of connecting a person with dementia with wellbeing - and a bridge to communication for carers.

The Elder Interview

The Elder Interview: Nigel Franklin, CEO of Arts 4 Dementia

Arts 4 Dementia works with creative organisations to facilitate workshops for people with dementia. We talk to CEO Nigel Franklin about the power of the arts to challenge and inspire people after a diagnosis.


How Live-in Care Can Help Learning in Later Life

Late-life learning is a powerful way to increase well-being in older people, keeping them engaged and stimulated by life – and their own capabilities.

The Elder Interview

The Elder Interview: Julia Jones, Co-founder of John’s Campaign

Julia Jones is co-founder of John’s Campaign, to recognise the invaluable role of dementia carers in hospitals. We talk to her about the progress that has been made, and how much further there is to go.


A Guide to Dementia-friendly Days Out

How do you ensure a trip out with an elderly family member is enjoyable for everyone? We look at the challenges – and solutions for the perfect day out together

The Elder Interview

The Elder Interview: Beth Britton, Campaigner, Writer and Dementia Consultant

We talk to campaigner, consultant and writer Beth Britton about the power of positive communication around dementia.

The Elder Interview

Interview with Christina Macdonald, Author of Dementia Care: A Guide

We talk to Christina Macdonald about what inspired her to write her book and the importance of thinking and planning ahead when your loved one has had a diagnosis of dementia.


Displaying inclusivity: how museums and galleries are responding to visitors with dementia

Museums, galleries and other venues are focusing on making the arts more dementia friendly and better equipped to enable those with the condition to enjoy them.


Creating a Dementia-friendly Home

Thoughtful design and adaptation can make a living environment dementia-friendly - and allow those with the condition to stay at home for longer with live-in care.


Why One is the Loneliest Number For The Elderly

There are over a million lonely older people in the UK now, and the number is on the rise. We look at how solutions such as live-in care could help to stem the UK’s loneliness epidemic.

The Elder Interview

The Elder Interview: James Ashwell, Founder of Unforgettable.org

James Ashwell’s experience of caring for his mum led him to set up the industry leading website Unforgettable.org – a one-stop dementia resource offering products, services and advice for those with the condition, their families and carers. We talked to him about the importance of providing accessible solutions and the power of even simple products to change the quality of life of someone with dementia.

The Elder Interview: Matthew Äikäs-Adams, Founder of the Ally Bally Bee Project

The Ally Bally Bee Project is the world’s first personalised children’s book about dementia. The project was developed by the Äikäs-Adams family, who wanted to create a resource that could help adults to explain dementia in the family to small children.


Eight Great Dementia Products That Can Make Life Easier

A diagnosis of dementia means finding new, adapted and often innovative ways to support everyday living. We list some of the challenges faced by those living with dementia – and some great products, from low-key to high-tech, that can help.

Interview with Tommy Petillo, Product Designer and Dementia Circle Website Manager

We talk to product designer and Dementia Circle web manager Tommy Petillo about the value of inclusive design, sharing information and how both can empower people to live independently for longer.

The Elder Interview

Interview with Jeni Lennox of The Dementia Dog Project

The Dementia Dog project is a pioneering initiative in Scotland that aims to pair people in the early phases of dementia with an assistance dog trained to provide tailored support in their day-to-day lives.

The Elder Interview

Interview with Nicola Cooper, Senior Technology Co-ordinator for Alzheimer Scotland

As Senior Technology Co-ordinator for Alzheimer Scotland, Nicola Cooper is part of a team that promotes independent living through the use of technology, complementing human care and support.


The Digital Third Age – Live-in carers help elderly get online

While younger generations debate over whether the internet connects or alienates, the older population is increasingly finding digital life a positive way to combat feelings of isolation and loneliness.


Live-in Care Boom Boosts Later Life Choices

Live-in home care, where ‘companion carers’ are carefully matched to provide support and continuity, is the fastest-growing model in the care sector.

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