Doing right by you, when you provide care a lot

When you commit to caring through the Elder platform, you can make a difference in so many ways. 

You provide life-changing companionship that stops people becoming cut off from the world in later life, and you can give quality time back to families – freeing them from the worries of caring for a loved one alone. 

Being a self-employed live-in carer is an extraordinary job, and this loyalty programme has been built to celebrate and thank you for your commitment to the families you help. 

The UK needs more people like you

Join Elder, and earn £300 each time you refer a friend to us.

With live-in care placements in 500+ UK towns and cities, we need more great carers like you. It’s why we’ve created our referral programme. Refer a friend to Elder, and once they’ve provided 14 days of care, you’ll both get £300, as a thank you from us. 

Login to the Elder Hub to make a referral, or apply today to get started.

With Elder you’ll get:

*Rewards delivered by a trusted third party provider.

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