January 2024 – Carer of the Month


Find out more about Mercy, the first Carer of the Month of 2024. This nomination comes from Alex, who’s mum has been supported by Mercy for the past seven months.

“She has never let me or mum down. Her constant positivity is infectious and she clearly always has my mums best interests at heart.”

If you had to describe Mercy in just three words, what would they be?

Warm, committed and miraculous

Mercy came to care over a decade ago after a career in accounting. Tired of shuffling papers, she wanted to work more closely with people and make them feel special, and has built up a huge range of experience caring for both children and older people.

Outside of her caring role, Mercy is a person of many talents – she enjoys reading, writing, cooking, and art. 

“Mercy takes each new challenge completely in her stride calmly and without hesitation. Putting it simply Mercy is an angel. Mercy has been with my mum for over seven months and has become so much more than just a carer. She is truly one of the family, a friend I will treasure forever and I could not have coped without her.

Things have been very challenging with mum as she has declined very quickly in the last few months but throughout Mercy has gone above and beyond, guiding me every step of the way, whilst caring for my mum so beautifully. I feel totally blessed to have found Mercy

On behalf of everyone at Elder HQ, congratulations Mercy.