We believe that no one should have to go into a care home if they don't want to.

Elder is a business on a mission. A tight-knit team with a shared goal.

We believe that nobody should have to go into a care home if they don't want to.

97% of people say they don't want to go to a care home, and yet this is where most people requiring 24hr care end up. Whilst care homes can be the right solution for some, for many they aren't. They are expensive, they rob people of their independence & their friends, they reduce the amount of time spent with their family.

So why do so many people end up in care homes?

Put simply, it's complicated. A combination of status-quo bias, structural flaws in how the social services are able to fund care, and low awareness of alternatives has led to the situation we are in.

We are going to change this.

Elder provides live-in carers, 24/7, where a carer goes to live in the home and look after the individual so they can carry on their life and preserve their independence, rather than them having to go into a care home. Care is the core of what we’re about, but it is just the start. Our ambition is to be the leading brand dedicated to supporting the older generations across multiple markets around the world.

Founded by Pete and Tom (previous founders of Mopp) in December 2015, Elder is one of the fastest growing businesses in Europe – over 500% in the last 12 months, and we have no intention of slowing down. We've built an all–star team, with backgrounds ranging from Google to Guinness; Ocado to Just Eat; Airsorted to the Army. To get us to the next level of society–changing growth, we're on the look–out for more superstars across all disciplines.

Working at Elder

You'll be working as part of a small, hard working and talented team in our HQ just off Brick Lane in central London. We want you to enjoy contributing to Elder's success and be happy and comfortable in your environment.

Our Benefits include:

“You are building a solution for real people... we have endless possibilities to shape the future of home care.” ― Antonio, Engineering

Product & Engineering

'The secret sauce'

Whether it's creating new software, writing algorithms or crafting the slick systems that ensure we can outpace our competitors in providing an industry changing service — tech is at the heart of everything we do. It is around the core of our proprietary tech, that we will build the world's first true alternative to the care home.

We hire great people. Our Team has backgrounds from businesses like Google, Shazam and Ocado. We work with a modern tech stack, using Kubernetes, Kotlin and React. Our competitors don't have anywhere near the sophistication that we have when it comes the platforms we're building. And we aim to keep it that way.

“We are in a business that is fundamentally rewriting the way that care is delivered in this country.” ― Oakley, Marketing


'Growth always'

From serious strategy to pretty pictures, the marketing team are vital to building Elder into a £billion brand

“You just feel like you're doing something right... and nice!” ― Hannah, Sales

Sales & Account Managers

'The critical edge'

Deciding to spend hundreds of pounds a week is a big decision. Our crack squad of Care Advisors, are on hand to support and nurture potential customers, helping them navigate the potholes and pitfalls of choosing care. They are the difference between Elder being okay, and being awesome.

Sales Executive


“I wanted to do something a bit more human... with heart, and you can't replicate that anywhere.” ― Sara, Sales + Ops

Operations & Finance

'The engine room'

Regardless what we do in the rest of the business, we need to deliver on our promises to make sure we're providing the best possible service for our customers. This is why we exist.

Customer Support Associate


Account Manager


“Meeting the carers is my favourite thing! They are the nicest people.” ― Lydia, Ops

Customer Service

'The front line'

These are the people's champions. Seeking care can be stressful and complicated. Helping our customers current and future is a tough, but rewarding role.