Pete’s story

A few years ago. Pete’s family had a really tough time trying to find the right care for his Gran, Frances.

When Frances needed a little extra help, they began looking after her themselves. However, with Frances living in Kent, away from the rest of the family, it quickly became tricky.

Arranging for carers to pop in and out during the day wasn’t easy either, and it was difficult to know when, or for how long they were spending time with Frances.

Finally, Pete and his family decided the only way to keep Frances safe and ensure she got the care she needed, was to move her into a care home.

Pete was struck by how, at the time, they felt there was no other option. For over 200 years the care home has become an accepted practice when a loved one needs a certain level of care, and he wanted to know why.

There are around 6.5 million people looking after a loved one themselves – putting a huge amount of emotional and financial pressure on families all over the UK.

This is Pete,
our founder and CEO!

Over 2.6 million people believe they will have to quit their jobs
to provide care to a loved one.

But what happens when people can’t leave their jobs?

If marriages break up, or families need to move away?

Looking deeper into the social care industry, he saw the size of the problem ahead. The number of people aged 85+ in the UK is on track to double in the next 20 years. However, the number of care homes isn’t increasing.

How will we then ensure our loved ones not only get the support they need, but get care that keeps them happy, and connected
to the lives they’ve built?

Our parents and grandparents spend years creating homes that become the heart of the family. A place everyone comes back to for Christmas and holidays.

For Pete, he believed there had to be a way that older people could hold on to this, and stay in their own homes, for as long
as they wanted to be there.

Elder was created to provide live-in care that protects these
connections. By matching carers on their personality and interests, as well as their skills, older people can enjoy companionship, while keeping the routines, hobbies, and lives they love.

Whether it’s going to the local bowls club (something Frances used to do quite regularly) popping to the hairdressers for a blow dry, going to church, or simply spending time with friends who live nearby, Elder can help people enjoy life to the fullest extent they can as they age.