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At Elder, we provide high-quality private live-in care for the elderly and those in need throughout Wembley.

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What is live-in care?

There comes a time when many of us must consider what is best for elderly parents and loved ones. Poor health, the loss of a spouse, reduced mobility or dementia are all factors in this decision. The default answer is often moving them into a care home, but understandably, many older people are reluctant to leave their own homes.

This is where Elder comes in. We provide experienced, DBS-checked and expertly-trained live-in carers in Wembley, and across the UK, who can offer 24-hour-a-day support for your loved ones.

Why is live-in care in better than a care home in Wembley?

Many older people already own their own home and this is a home in which they may have raised a family and which holds many memories.

You can’t overestimate the value of the home. The memories of raising a family, the collection personal possessions and the personal space to relax, unwind in a comfortable atmosphere.

It’s unsurprising that moving into residential care can be so extremely difficult. Saying goodbye, not just to things and belongings, but also to friends and neighbours, and in a sense, to their independence, can have detrimental effects on their sense of well-being. However, by engaging a reliable and responsible live-in carer, possibly someone experienced working with people living with Alzheimer’s and dementia, it’s entirely feasible that your loved one can stay living in their own home.

Sticking to the normal daily routines, including the same food at the same time and sleeping in their own bed, all help support the mental well-being of elderly people, especially those living with dementia. In our experience, care recipients are also more confident in their own home and this confidence allows them to stay active for longer.

Why is Elder a good choice?

Elder has been working with customers and care recipients nationwide for many years and, in this time, we’ve built up a wealth of experience. Our reputation as the UK’s most trusted live in care provider has helped us attract the best carers from across the nation. Our highly efficient back office administration means the care recipient’s schedule is always covered by a trained and vetted live-in carer.

What our customers say

“The security and patience of live-in care has meant my mother has relaxed and her general disposition has improved to no end.”

What is there to do for older people in Wembley?

Wembley is full of services designed for older people and places of interest to visit. Age UK runs an older people’s social club in Brent, where those living at home can come together to make new friends and get involved in activities such as coffee mornings, art projects and social events. Wembley is also very close to Brent Cross, the North West London shopping destination, and naturally, this shopping hub offers ample parking. Brent is also home to the Brent Community Transport Initiative, a voluntary scheme which provides older people with transport to day-centres, places of worship, bingo halls, or just to visit family and friends.

Brent is also host to the Brent Museum, which contains over 10,000 objects. This fascinating heritage project is located at the library at Willesden Green. Willesden Green also runs a Local History Society. They are always on the lookout for older people to become more involved in sharing the history of the area. Their collection includes an interesting variety of photos and newspapers from the war years.

How does Elder live-in care work?

When our customers decide that a live-in carer is the right choice for their loved ones, we get to work finding the right carer for them. We manage a large database of carers, who we vet, train and match.

These carers have a wealth of experience working with people with Alzheimer’s and dementia, as well as long-term illness and mobility issues. We will then carry out the necessary work to build a care plan for the care recipient. This plan will detail exactly what the person needs from their carer, from light housework and companionship to complete personal and domestic care. After we have found the right person for the care recipient, we will send you their profile and an introductory video. Once they’re approved, the carer will travel to the care recipient’s home and begin the live-in care programme.

Our live-in carers stay at the care recipient’s home, as this better enables them to carry out 24/7 care. The carer will then become responsible for the support of your loved one, including making sure they eat healthily, stay active, and make all their medical appointments.

How much does live-in care in Wembley cost?

Live-in care with Elder is one of the most affordable care options available, with a flat rate of just £795 per week. This covers all wages and insurance. You will only ever be charged additional fees if the care is for more than one care recipient, or a car is required. We do also ask expenses for the carer’s food are covered.

Who are the better live-in care providers in Wembley?

At Elder, we are passionate about delivering the best service to our customers and care recipients. From the moment you contact us, we will take an interest in your situation and support you in any way we can towards finding the best care for your loved one. All conversations with us are completely obligation-free, and you only ever pay after care has been received.

Our reputation speaks for itself, and our care recipients, carers and customers all speak very positively of us. We appreciate the talented carers who work with us and the exceptional circumstances of our customers and care recipients. Hopefully, we can make live in care a viable option for all.

Mikis' care story

In this short video, Nick and Maro explain their reasons for choosing Elder live-in care.

They discuss how live-in care has allowed Nick’s father Mikis to stay independent in his own home while making a new friend at the same time.

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