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Live-in Care in Basildon

If your loved one has always been independent and yet you realise that they now need care and someone around 24-hours a day, why not consider live-in care from Elder in Basildon? This increasingly popular way of providing care gives an older person all the support they would receive in a care home but allows them to retain their independence and stay in their own home.

The differences between live-in care and residential care

Being admitted into a residential care home or nursing home invariably means that the person has to sacrifice some independence. Although many care homes try hard to treat all their residents as individuals, it is impossible for someone to have the same positive and personal experience as they would in their own home with a one-to-one carer dedicated to meeting their needs.

If your loved one lives alone and you are worried about their safety, putting them in a care home where there will be 24-hour supervision is no longer the only option. One of Elder’s live-in carers in Basildon could move into your loved one’s home and support them to remain safely in their own environment, even if their care needs are quite complex.

What conditions is care at home suitable for?

Elder has carers who are trained and experienced in all areas of elderly care. Whether your loved one simply needs companion care and a little assistance with meal preparation and housework or they’re in a situation where a highly skilled and experienced caregiver is required it is worth discussing your options with Elder.

Some of our carers have undergone advanced dementia care training, for example, and others are experienced in caring for people with conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease or Multiple Sclerosis. Elder will match your loved one with a suitably qualified and experienced carer, whatever their needs are.

Some couples can also benefit from having a live-in carer who can support them both.

Mikis’ care story

In this short video, Nick and Maro explain their reasons for choosing Elder live-in care. They discuss how live-in care has allowed Nick’s father Mikis to stay independent in his own home while making a new friend at the same time.

The care plan

Each of Elder’s care recipients in Basildon has a care plan drafted specifically for them. The care plan will be drawn up in conjunction with you, your loved one and any other interested parties such as community nurses, social workers or GPs. In addition to noting the support needed with day-to-day activities, the care plan will also encompass your loved one’s emotional needs so that the care and support provided covers all the important aspects of their life.

How does 24-hour care work?

The carefully matched carer moves into your loved one’s home and provides all the practical support they need. The carer will need a bedroom of their own with an internet connection and a TV since this is where they will spend their off-duty time.

What the carer does will depend on what your loved one wants them to do and when. They can be flexible because they do not have any other clients to focus on. In addition to helping with tasks such as washing, dressing and mobilising, the carer will also carry out domestic duties such as shopping, laundry and meal preparation for your loved one. Specific tasks such as helping with pet care or transport needs can also be included in this type of care.

Companionship and support with social activities are also an important aspect of a live-in carer’s duties and can improve your loved one’s quality of life. Because Elder’s live-in carers typically work on a rota basis with one other carer, they get to know the person they are supporting well and build up a positive relationship. Many older people who have a live-in carer from Elder say that they view them more as a friend or family member.

Is this type of care at home expensive?

Live-in care from Elder is surprisingly affordable. The cost can be up to 30 percent cheaper than a care home package, but your loved one benefits from so much more attention and care. For couples, it is extremely cost-effective as the fees are much lower than those for two beds in a care home. Compared to the charges levied by traditional agencies, Elder can save you more than £1,000 in a month.

Do I have to sign up for a set length of time?

Elder in Basildon can provide a live-in carer for your loved one for just two or three weeks to allow them to convalesce following an illness or operation, or for an indeterminate time. It all depends on your their needs.

If you require a carer urgently, for example, to allow your loved one to be discharged from a hospital or because they have had a fall, Elder can arrange for someone to be available within 24 hours. For anyone concerned with providing the best care experience for someone important to them, this is a very positive way forward.

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