Cath's* story - Finding efficient and transparent hourly care 


Journey to finding Elder Hourly Care

I had been using another care provider for a year, however, I was no longer finding the service good and started looking for an alternative in November 2022. 

By January 2023, I googled home care associations and home care place in London, which was how I found Elder.

You didn’t try to rush me into making a decision; Matt, who I spoke to, gave me the information I needed and let me decide at my own pace if Hourly care with Elder was right for me. Then your two-week cancellation period took more pressure off deciding before I knew if it was right for me. 


Also, advertising the hourly rate on the website allowed me to know straight away how much I would have to pay. Elder not charging extra on weekends and bank holidays was another plus when deciding. 

My Satisfaction with Elder

I’m happy with Elder. I like that when I have a quick query, I don’t have to email or call – I can conveniently use the Whatsapp channel to send my question. 

I really liked the first carer I had; she was very friendly, efficient, knew what she was doing and followed instructions carefully. 

One Monday, my carer was really late, so I texted Elder and they responded immediately – they gave me a call and offered to send an alternative carer; I was impressed by their quick attempt to find a solution to the problem. 

The previous care provider I used would often mix up my schedule. For example, they would show up at the wrong time or day, which was very annoying. When I raised the issue, no changes were made. Whereas, with Elder, they quickly respond to queries, and the system feels efficient and organised. I am very happy with Elder. 

*Name has been changed at the customer’s request

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