Elder Care Credit offer

Elder has worked with a trusted partner to provide you with £1,000 worth of Elder Points. 

  1. You cannot use the Elder Points at the same time as any other Elder promotion.
  2. You must use your Elder Points for a total period of care of 4 consecutive weeks or more. 
  3. Whilst your Elder points are in use, Elder’s normal contractual terms will apply.
  4. This promotion is subject to the availability of independent carers , and may be withdrawn at any stage by Elder.
  5. This promotion is valid until 30th June 2022, the first day of care must start before this date.
  6. Absence of the care recipient due to hospitalisation or any clinical reason will pause the provision of care, which can then be restarted as required.
  7. This promotion is open to new clients and customers of Elder Technologies Limited
  8. Elder Technologies Limited reserves the right to amend or withdraw this promotion at its sole discretion and without prior notice.
  9. No Elder Points can be redeemed for a cash equivalent.