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Live-in care from Elder is suitable for a wide range of care needs.

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Live-in care

A live-in carer provides your loved one with the dedicated, one-on-one care they need to live their whole life in their own home.

Live-in care

Home care

Discover the difference between live-in care and other forms of home care with answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Dementia care

Care at home is the most popular option for those living with dementia, whatever form of the condition. Here we answer your frequent questions.

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24-hour care at home

When needs become more acute, care throughout both the night and day might be needed. Here we tackle some of the big questions you may need answers to.

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Elderly care

The vast majority of those we help find a carer are over the age of 75. In this section, we go through how live-in care can support the eldery.

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Home help

Live-in care isn’t just suited to those with acute needs. Getting a carer earlier means your loved one is less likely to spend time in hospital.

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