Carers week 2022

We want to take the opportunity to support, celebrate, and say thank you to the network of independent carers we work with.

We’re incredibly proud of each carer in our network – you are the heart of what we do, and have transformed hundreds of lives across the UK.

Because of your skills, dedication, and genuine desire to make people’s lives better, you’ve been able to –

Deliver the equivalent of over 83,000 days of care so far in 2022

Provide life-changing support to over 1,000 families so far in 2022.

This year’s Carers Week theme is visible, valued, and supported, and is an opportunity for us to ensure the voices of everyone who provides care are heard. Your hard work should be seen and respected, your well-being should be protected, and you should have access to the right support whenever you need it

Going the extra mile

Great care can’t be measured by professional experience alone – how you make people feel, and the small personal touches you add along the way are just as important. It’s why each month, we invite families to share their stories, and celebrate a carer who has gone the extra mile to provide exceptional support.

Click below to meet some of these carers.


Carer of the month: Anna




Your mind matters

Being a carer can have some incredibly rewarding days – and some more challenging ones too. It’s really important to recognise your feelings – good or bad, and know where to turn to when you need some support, because getting help is the first step towards getting and staying mentally well.

Through our loyalty programme, all self-employed carers that provide at least one day of care in the past 180 days will get access to free mental health services. This is updated on the first of every month.

We’ve also included some useful resources below to help you look after your own mental health when caring for others.