Care homes in Maidstone

When live-in care just isn’t an option, give your loved ones the support they need with a choice of the top local care homes.

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Choosing a care home

Live-in care in Maidstone isn’t for everyone. Your loved one may not live in a house that has an extra room to accomodate a home carer, or perhaps the idea of it just doesn’t quite take their fancy.

Even so, Elder would still like to help you make the ideal later life care choice for your loved one, who deserves the kind of care that is not only suitable, but something they would choose themselves.

That’s why we’ve summed up our top ten care home picks in Maidstone to ensure that not only do you make the right choice for your family, but you don’t get flustered trying to piece it all together either.

The top care homes in Maidstone

If you’re considering residential care for your parents or loved ones in Maidstone, the following eight options may be worth considering.


5 Bower Mount Road, Maidstone ME16 8AX

Owned by Bowercroft Care Ltd, this is a privately-owned care home that specialises in dementia care for residents aged 65+. There are 18 single rooms, 16 of which are ensuite.

Suitable for dementia and sensory impairment.

Pilgrims Way Nursing Home

10 Bower Mount Road, Maidstone ME16 8AU

Pilgrims Way is a large, privately-owned care home on the outskirts of Maidstone, which caters to residents aged 65+. There are 44 single rooms and 16 shared rooms, with 12 ensuites.

Suitable for dementia, physical disability and sensory impairment.

Loose Valley Care Centre

15 Linton Road, Loose, Maidstone ME15 0AG

Part of the Nellsar group of care homes, Loose Valley is housed in a former vicarage. The care home caters to residents aged 65+. There are 39 single rooms, 24 of which are ensuite.

Suitable for Parkinson’s disease, stroke and respite care.

Greenbanks Care Home

31 Buckland Road, Maidstone ME16 0SL

Owned by Dhyani Care Ltd, Greenbanks Care Home specialises in low-level dementia care for residents aged 50+. There are 14 single rooms and one shared room. Seven of the rooms are en-suite.

Suitable for dementia and sensory impairment.

Loose Court Care Home

Rushmead Drive, Loose, Maidstone ME15 9UD

Owned by Regal Care Trading Ltd, Loose Court specialises in dementia care and physical disabilities. It accepts residents aged 65+. There are 42 single rooms, 25 of which are ensuite.

Suitable for dementia, Alzheimer’s, physical disabilities and sensory impairment.

Lulworth House Residential Care Centre

Queens Avenue, Maidstone ME16 0EN

Part of the Nellsar group of residential care homes, Lulworth House provides specialist Alzheimer’s and dementia care for residents aged 65+. There are 42 single rooms, six of which are ensuite.

Suitable for palliative care, dementia, Alzheimer’s and stroke.

Sutton Valence Care Home

Maidstone Road, Sutton Valence, Maidstone ME17 3LW

Located five miles outside Maidstone, Sutton Valence is part of the Brighterkind group of care homes. There are 61 single rooms and six shared rooms, with 13 en-suites.

Suitable for cancer care, Parkinson’s disease, sensory impairment and stroke.

Barty House Nursing Home

Roundwell, Bearsted, Maidstone ME14 4HN

Set in private grounds, Barty House is part of the Canford Healthcare group of care homes. It offers residential accommodation and nursing care to those aged 65+. There are 57 single rooms and one shared room, with 43 ensuites.

Suitable for stroke, palliative care and physical disabilities.

Realising your elderly loved one requires extra, full time care isn’t easy and when there seems to be so many options, it might be overwhelming to know where to start.

At Elder, we are always on hand to offer the best impartial advice, every day between 8 am and 8 pm to help you decide on the best care solution for the your loved one.

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Frequently asked questions

Are care homes more expensive than live-in care?

There is no one set price when it comes to the cost of care, mainly because it depends on many factors. The level of needs your loved one may have and the location play a part in determining costs, as does the type of facility.

Despite the fact that live-in care in the UK is one-on-one and bespoke, it can be up to 30% cheaper than a place in a care home. The savings could be even more significant if care is required for a couple.

There is a chance that the couple would have different needs and therefore, potentially two rooms, in two different care homes, would be required. To avoid a painful separation and excessive care costs, live-in care could be a far cheaper alternative.

To find out more about Care homes vs. Live-in care take a look at our helpful guide.

Does live-in care support those with cancer?

If you have a family member who has cancer, probably the last thing they would like would be to have to move away from home and into a care home.

You may be anxious that there is always someone available to help when your loved one needs anything, and with home care from Elder you can have the confidence that there is a dedicated one-to-one carer on call day and night.

A dedicated live-in carer will get to know how best to support your family member to cope with their symptoms and will be able to liaise with the health professionals involved in their care.

Being cared for by a trained and experienced live-in carer in the comfort of their own home gives your loved one added peace of mind and will greatly improve their quality of life, whatever stage in the disease process they are facing.

What is Elderly care?

Elderly care takes a variety of forms, depending on the needs of your loved one, but increasingly centres upon the constant presence of a dedicated live-in care worker, who is carefully matched to your relative to ensure that both parties can find plenty of common ground to forge a strong friendship.

Your loved one won’t have to adapt to a whole new lifestyle, fit into new routines or struggle to remember a host of names and faces.

Instead, they can remain in the comfort and safety of their own home, with their live-in carer offering help and support 24/7, bringing peace of mind to your loved one, not to mention the wider family, who can relax in the knowledge that their relative is safe, happy and secure at all times.

Will my loved one still have independence in a care home?

It is difficult for older people to fully retain their independence in a care home. It is simply not feasible for residents to all do their own thing as and when they want because they will outnumber staff.

To ensure the safety of all residents, there does need to be a routine that suits everyone, which is not always going to be to everyone’s taste, all the time.

If your loved one is naturally worried about losing their independence because they like their routine and are concerned about having to relinquish some control, live-in care might be more suited to them. The live-in carer moves in with them and adapts to their routine but assists them when and where they need support, maybe with chores or picking up shopping.