Elder standards and values

As a carer working with Elder, you’re self-employed. However, we still anticipate you perform your role in line with our expectations. To give you complete clarity on our standards, we have set out below.

Communication and approach

Even if it’s a difficult situation, at the beginning of a placement with a Care Recipient, the family or Elder, please remember:

Organisation of care

When organising placements, please remember:



In an emergency, you’re expected to remain calm and professional. You should call the relevant 999 service(s), closely following any instructions given. You should then inform the Care Recipient’s primary relative(s) and Elder immediately thereafter.

Care duties

When caring in the home, please remember:

Professional conduct

Finally, there are a few important points to consider around professional conduct:

Elder-approved carers are people who love what they do, inspired by their own stories.

Some of the self-employed carers working with us talk through why they got into the profession, and why it works for them. For many, becoming a care professional starts with a personal experience of supporting someone they love.

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