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Caring during COVID-19

The current pandemic is causing confusion and concern for everyone. But, as you’re on the front-line, working with some of the people most at risk from the pandemic, it’s likely you have a lot of questions. Read our advice for carers during COVID-19.

Step one: Online application

We’ll ask you to share evidence of your previous experience, and find out more about why you want to become a live-in carer with Elder. If your application is suitable, we’d usually invite you to the Elder office for an introduction. As a result of social distancing, this is currently happening on Zoom. We ask you to have any relevant paperwork, such as background checks, to hand.

Step two: Introduction

Usually, you’ll meet with a member of the Elder team in person at one of our locations across the UK. As a result of COVID-19, these are being done via Zoom. We use these sessions to find out more about your experience and qualifications. This will also be your chance to ask questions and learn what it’s like to be a live-in carer with Elder.

Step three: Background checks

We’ll run background and reference checks to decide whether you’re a good fit for the Elder job platform, and check your documents to make sure you have the right to work as a self-employed live-in carer in the UK.

Step four: Joining our Community of Carers

Once you become a carer with Elder, you’ll gain access to our jobs platform, allowing you to choose live-in care placements based on your availability, location, skills and experience.

Frequently asked questions

What is live-in care?

Carers are required to live at the property with the care recipient and offer one to one support with their daily needs.

What types of placements does Elder offer?

Elder offers two types of placements:

Short-term placements last between one to four weeks. On these placements, there will be an end and start date listed, and the carer is expected to remain on the placement for the entire duration.

Long-term placements are ongoing placements. On these placements, the carer becomes the primary caregiver. The carer can schedule breaks in this ongoing care, by giving two weeks notice.

Where do Elder carers work?

Elder has placements available across the UK, and we’ll never assign you to a placement without your input. You’ll have the freedom to choose which placements you attend, by viewing then accepting them through our online portal.

Does Elder provide hourly work?

Elder does not provide hourly or shift work, only live-in care. Therefore, as a carer, you’ll always be required to stay overnight at the home of the care recipient.

Does Elder accept male carers?

Yes, Elder works with many clients who require a male carer.

Does Elder take on carers of other nationalities?

Yes, if you’re an experienced carer with clear, fluent English and have the relevant documentation to work in the UK, please apply.

What experience do I need to become an Elder carer?

Elder carers must have one year of professional experience within the live-in care industry and must be happy to provide references and proof of any qualifications.

Do I have to be self-employed to work as a carer with Elder?

All Elder carers are self-employed. This means that you are responsible for your own taxes and National Insurance contributions. For information on being self-employed and registering with the HMRC please click here.

Where can I attend an introduction?

We host carer introductions in 12 cities across the UK, and you can select your nearest location once you begin your application.